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Established in 1933 as a mining and manufacturing company, R. W. Sidley, Inc. continues to expand its operations through development of high quality products derived from its original core product of silica sand and bank gravel. Sidley operates a state-of-the-art processing plant that produces the highest quality industrial silica products virtually free of deleterious materials. Part of the Sharon Conglomerate formation, the silica deposit is mined at Sidley’s quarry in Thompson, Ohio, and produces a broad spectrum of sand that can be screened to meet even the tightest size requirements

R. W. Sidley, Inc. has recently installed state-of-the-art screening and sizing technology that allows us to produce to any size specification desired. We advertise seven standard filter sand products, eight standard industrial sand sizes and six standard Frac sand sizes. We also have the ability to produce to custom specifications based on the volume of material needed.